Before we go and see how we can maximize Honeygain income if you’re new to it and don’t know anything about it? Honeygain is a platform where you can earn passive income by sharing the width of your internet connection.

Once you set it up, you won’t have anything to do. You may sign up once a day to get a bonus, but even if you don’t, you still earn.

Honeygain application

To get started with this platform, you need to install the application. It’s free and you have to click and go to the official website.

You must log in now. Just one click. Use your Facebook or Gmail account and you’re done.

And here’s the first tip where you get $ 5 when you use the invitation link. If you are not yet a Honeygain member, be sure to use the invitation link by clicking the button below to get $ 5 to your account.

There are now three application formats in the top right of the control panel. Download and install it on the device of your choice.

Honeygain Blood Jar

A honey jar is a kind of pot for good luck. All it takes is to log in to the dashboard once a day. Then just click start and try your luck. The number of points you earn costs up to $ 10.

Even if you don’t sign up every day and open Honey Jar, it’s not a big deal. More so that you know that this way to get some points for free is worth using.

Install Honeygain on multiple devices

Perhaps the second best way to increase your revenue with Honeygain is to install and log in to an account on multiple devices. You can install it and log in to more than 1 phone and multiple computers at once, but it’s limited to 10 devices, and that’s a lot.

One important thing to discuss is that in some countries there are more and more users. Because it depends on the demand for bandwidth in your country. And if not much, it will affect your income, even if you make all the tips.

Another thing you need to know is that you can connect up to 2 devices to an IP / network. For example, if you want to use 6 devices, you must have access to at least 3 different IP addresses. However, to maximize results, connect 1 device to 1 IP address.

Another good tip is to use a mobile network. Because the IP address is different, it will give you space to connect another computer to your primary IP / network.

Honeygain recommendations

Perhaps the best way to increase your income is to invite other people to join this platform. Use your contact list, social media or YouTube, and if they attend through your invitation link, they will earn $ 5 and you will earn a small percentage if they earn. This is a win-win situation.

Depending on your resources, this may not be easy sometimes and will require a lot of effort. If you go and spam your link, you probably won’t get a good result. This way, you will need to provide certain amounts so that people know what they are doing on the platform.

Providing Honeygain content

This is another feature where you can do more to share a lot of bandwidth power for things like pictures and video. If enabled, you can earn up to 6 credits per hour.

After installing the application. If you right-click on the bee icon and there you will see the content delivery function with a switch to turn it on and off. This is a kind of limited feature because it only allows you to use a limited number of devices.

Content delivery is also not available in all countries. At the time of publication of this article, the list of available countries for this feature was as follows.


Most tips to help you are quick and you will only do it once.

The only thing that requires special effort is to call other people to attend through your invitation link. But it will also give you a better reward.

Since you just need to use a few simple tips and not invest more time or effort in these free reprints, I consider Honeygain to be a great platform where you can earn a passive income. There is a reasonable amount if he is used to his full potential.

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