The concept of information marketing is best used on the Internet because your potential customers will not publicly display your products as you would find them in a regular store. In order to sell to online customers, you need to form a bond with them so that they can trust you and find you happy before you can recommend a solution or product/service to consider. This concept is called permission-based marketing.

The first thing most aspiring affiliate marketers will do when starting their online business is creating a marketing website. It can be a traditional website or a blog. But the preferred choice for most is the blog because of its interactive medium. Your visitors/readers will be able to offer their comments and will also be seen by other readers/visitors. This flexibility and a more interactive approach to communication is the basis of internet marketing, which creates links and improves relationships between readers/visitors.

This concept of information marketing is the best on the Internet because your potential customers will not publicly show your products as you would find them in a regular store. In order to sell to online customers, you need to form a bond with them so that they can trust you and find you happy before you can recommend a solution or product/service to consider. This concept is called permission-based marketing. With this permission granted to the visitor/reader, you can send him a marketing email from time to time as well as the amount of money. The products/services you recommend may or may not be manufactured by you or, as in most cases, are partner inventory. Affiliate is a company that offers affiliate programs to individuals to sell and sell their products/services. Affiliates receive a commission for each sale they make through a link to the associated product.

The advantage of an affiliate program is that all the hard work is done by the company. The company manages the purchase and storage of inventory. They will also deal with the packaging and delivery of the product sold by the partners and will also contact customers regarding any sales and service issues. As an affiliate partner, your work is completed after payment. This is why most online marketers do affiliate marketing.

Let’s now look at the 7 steps to creating a marketing website for an affiliate marketing company.

  1. Choose your brand/specialization

The online business model is a little different from the classic offline business, where you have to get a business and store it with your inventory in order to sell it. You can even sell 200 different variants of irrelevant items in your store. You can have alcohol on one shelf and baby milk on the other. Your customer will not be confused by all irrelevant items, as they can specifically choose what they need from the items displayed. It works the same way for big online retail giants like Amazon. Even as an affiliate marketer, your customers are people who are looking for specialized information about a particular issue or problem before deciding to buy. For example, a person who searches the Internet for information about the Keto diet because they want to lose weight will enter the keywords “Keto diet for weight loss” in the Google search box. Google will then provide you with a list of recommended sites to look at. The searcher then goes through the list and decides which page to check. This is called information/based marketing. In order to sell you online to a potential customer, you need to know your customer’s profile. What I describe in the paragraph above is your typical customer or affiliate marketer. You are a trader with technical information. Following the example of the Keto diet above, as a sales information provider, you should have knowledge of the Keto diet and weight loss in general. The search leads on the Internet and finds professional information about a specific part of his care. The Google algorithm system selects a list of pages that contain relevant keywords and sends them to a search query. It would be ridiculous or impossible for Google to give him a list of sites to find Keto diets that have animal and tennis sites.

You need to understand the concerns and needs of your customers. So when choosing a brand or niche you need to be specific and it should be something you want and want. You should also remember that you will write a lot and talk about this specific niche as long as you want to sell the product online. Moving to another gap 1 or 2 years after you start means that all your efforts in the last 1 to 2 years have been wasted.

2. Set up your blog page

It is important that you invest in your business. Creating a marketing website and building a business is an investment that will pay you back later as a reward. If you want your business to grow and deliver the results you need, you need to cultivate this mindset from the beginning. I recommend that you buy a paid domain for your website or blog. It’s a small investment of almost $ 10 per domain name, but it will give you peace of mind that all the hard work over many years of building a site has not only lost or lacked some features.

To say that you should invest in your business and pay for the services you need does not mean I tell you to think big because you get a lot of money, but it is about the security and vigilance of your company. BlueHost and NameCheap are just 2 of the many providers of domain names and hosting services on the Internet. WordPress can help you with a website creation platform. He is user-friendly and does the job quickly. I made this extensive video from my friend Wes McDowell for your easy reference.

3. Find the perfect product

The basic rule when looking for a favorite product is that it should be relevant to your area and can also be financial. To find the product you want to sell or promote on your site, you need to do a little research. Affiliate programs offer you an easy way to find products that are relevant to your specialization or brand. There are 2 types of products that you can sell and that is a physical product rather than a digital product. The difference between these 2 products is in the commissions that apply. If you choose a physical product for sale, you should look for a popular product with high prices, because physical products have the potential to have a commission of between 4 and 10%. Digital products paid higher commissions between 70 and 90%. Don’t set a precedent for choosing a highly prized product just for commissions, choose it because it is popular. This means that other affiliate marketers sell many of the same products and it is well received in the market. There are over 15,000 affiliate programs available online to choose from. ClickBank, Amazon, and CJAaffiliate are some of the well-known brands. All affiliate programs come with all the marketing materials, guides, and affiliate support services that will help and guide you.

4. Set up an auto-reply

The autoresponder service is used to deliver a marketing email within the amount to your subscribers. The service is fully automated and once set up, it will continue to send you a variety of marketing emails and messages and help you build relationships and relationships with your potential customers from the list to your customers. These are the people who allow you to send their emails. A series of marketing emails can be programmed into your autoresponder so that they can be sent to subscribers at set intervals. You need this service because it is very time-consuming for you to manually send multiple emails to all your subscribers. and are several popular autoresponder companies.

5. Make a list of subscribers

A customer list is necessary to maintain your business. Running an online store without a list of subscribers is like an insurance merchant trying to sell insurance without a customer base. Your subscriber list is, in fact, your customer base. These are the people who have agreed to receive your marketing emails and product recommendations. You can create your subscriber list by creating a compression page or inserting an email form on your blog page or website.

A squeeze page or e-mail form is a way to entice a visitor/reader to enter their e-mail address in exchange for a free e-book or e-zine. This is called the login process. Free e-books and ezines are commonly provided by the affiliate program. The subscriber list is then stored in your autoresponder database and your communication with them begins. It’s likely that a potential customer will be the first to buy from you, so if you continue with them and communicate with them via email, they will eventually form a relationship where they will begin to know and trust you.

6. Write content that has value on the page of your blog or website

You also need content to create a marketing website. Your website or blog should have content that is relevant to your area so that your visitor knows that you have someone with special knowledge in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest or problem. Here you can provide expert advice, share tips

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