What is CleanEmail ?

CleanEmail helps you quickly clean and delete thousands of old emails, then quickly manage all new ones and keep your inbox clean. Sign up for newsletters, block unwanted senders, automate your email tasks faster. Clean Email works with all email services and through any device.

PS: We don’t read or sell your data, so you can use Clean Email on all your personal and business accounts and be sure your privacy is our priority.


  • This software is unique for organizing large numbers of emails in a very efficient way.
  • it solved a lot of the problems i was going through and helped me look more organized overall.
  • Nice user interface with great features. Nice equipment.
  • I love CleanEmail help, which helps manage my inbox.


  • Sometimes they can block some important emails.


Is CleanMail For You

Everyone who uses e-mail receives spam, social announcements, marketing newsletters and only wants to receive important e-mails.

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