Pros & Cons


  • The results are easy to understand
  • MyHeritage DNA gives you test results faster than any other test on the market, usually in 3-4 weeks.
  • Includes pedigree software and research resources


  • Difficult sampling process
  • It does not give context to your results
  • YDNA and mtDNA assays are not available.

MyHeritage DNA offers a complete genealogy package that includes DNA testing and pairing, as well as free pedigree software. It presents your results in a fun animation with music and shows you where your ancestors lived in the world. However, there is no way to delve deeper into your results than to examine DNA identity. If you are looking for a DNA testing service that synchronizes with genealogy software, MyHeritage DNA cannot measure the AncestryDNA inventory. In addition, the service lacks one of the more detailed ancestral analyzes offered by its competitors.

Pricing and DNA Collection

To order the set, you must state your gender and year of birth. MyHeritage DNA costs $ 79 per set and $ 12 shipping. If you order two sets, you get half the price of shipping; Buy three or more, and shipping is free. Then simply choose a display name and then accept the terms of the site.

DNA Reports and Extra Features

My findings will be ready in a few weeks. MyHeritage DNA has the most bizarre revelation of all the other DNA kits I’ve tested. Clicking on the notification email to access your results will open the rotating atmosphere set for regional music. If it stops, the map will reveal your genetic makeup with hotspots identifying your ethnicity and percentages on the left.

While my reports on 23andme and AncestryDNA are almost identical, MyHeritage DNA shows slight inconsistencies. No wonder it still focused me mainly on Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, but it also dropped to 6.3 percent in Eastern Europe, which I did not know before. The music began with a Celtic sound but changed to the sound of Eastern Europe. I liked the parade, I admit. You can zoom in on the map, but it won’t show more details than there are already.

Once you have performed the DNA test, you can upgrade your kit to $ 49 to gain access to health tests, including 42 reports with information such as carrier status and genetic risks for various conditions. The company asks you to fill in a questionnaire first, which will then be examined by a doctor. Your reports will be reviewed immediately by a specialist clinical team to determine if you need genetic counseling.

MyHeritage DNA Family Tree

It’s nice to see more information about the regions where your ancestors lived and what caused their migration. Most other services ask you for further investigation. However, once you get the results of your MyHeritage DNA, it seems like a stopping point – unless you decide to create a family tree.

In this case, you gain access to tools such as smart pairing, which looks at matching profiles of other family members, and record pairing, which retrieves records related to people in your family tree. . MyHeritage also has a search engine that sorts billions of historical records.

DNA pairing
You can choose to load DNA matches on the privacy settings page. If you choose, you will receive emails about other MyHeritage users whose DNA matches yours. In my case, I received many reports of distant relatives, including a cousin from the fourth and fifth cousins. From my last point of view, my matches have improved enormously, from 140 matches to 14,021. I now have over 1,400 matches with 23andMe and I have about 19,000 matches with AncestryDNA.,There I also had access to the genealogy software Ancestry, which is PCMag Editors’ Choice.

However, MyHeritage DNA offers free family tree software. You can also invite other relatives to work with the head of the family. You and your family can upload related photos when building a family tree. You can also search the MyHeritage database for census and voter lists and birth and death records and other public records to complete your family tree records.

If you have already analyzed your DNA using another service such as AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, or 23andMe, you can upload raw DNA data to MyHeritage DNA.

MyHeritage DNA Support

MyHeritage has a help center with information from basic payment and setup instructions to instructions for understanding your DNA knowledge and tips for creating a strong family tree. You can also call MyHeritage DNA for free in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Israel, and many European countries.

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