Pros & Cons


  • Continue composing email
  • Easily create a newsletter or email
  • Collection of e-mail subscribers
  • Free plan for up to 500 email contacts – Send up to 3,000 emails a month with tools like drag-and-drop authoring and dynamic content.
  • 24/7 Product and Sales Support – You can contact AWeber support personnel at any time by phone, email or live chat.
  • Free stock images for email – If you don’t have your own images, you can and should use one of the more than 1000+ images in the AWeber library for free.


  • For example, in the old system, which allowed you to do only one thing at a time, you could not add a selection of newsletter concepts to a series.
  • Uploading images often results in crashes or retries, a faster way or providing FTP is useful.
  • Templates are old-fashioned, muted colors that can be updated to create attractive and colorful marketing materials.
  • Limited free features – but some of the features that Plan Pro has include unlimited listing profiles (the free plan has only 1), AB testing, and purchase tagging.

AWeber Pricing

Creating a Campaign

AWeber treats e-mail differently from other services. There are several processes for creating a tracking series, these are the above auto-replies, news broadcasts and blog posts. Subsequent e-mails are sent automatically each time a new user is added, and messages are sent instead of one-time messages, such as newsletters. The Broadcast blog takes over the blog posts and compiles them into a newsletter. You can also create your own email templates using the Email Template Manager, where you can edit existing templates or write your own using the AWeber API.

I decided to write a post in the broadcast. AWeber opens a reporting tool where I can drag and drop elements and edit text. I’m so used to working with email templates that this new builder template puts me in the loop for a while. But it’s still easy to create and test my posts.

If you are satisfied with your newsletter, you can send it immediately or schedule it later. I don’t see the option to send campaigns at a specific local time based on the recipient’s location, as you can with GetResponse.

Who is AWeber Good for? 

If you want the whole report – AWeber has done well in this regard. They do not offer Google Analytics integration, but have a variety of reports, including email openings, link clicks, and generated sales. You can also see newly added subscribers and how to purchase them.

If you need telephone support – Many online reviews are excited about AWeber’s support and say they can contact you quickly and solve the problem easily. The bonus is that you can contact them by phone, e-mail or live chat.

If you are looking for an automatic reply – companies do not have time to respond to emails in person. AWeber allows you to set up an auto-reply that automatically replies when someone sends you a message asking for information.

AWeber is not recommended for

If you can close your account suddenly – AWeber is strict on the terms of the contract, and if you do not follow the rules, even if it is unintentional, they will close your account without warning. They don’t offer suspensions, and if they close your account, you could potentially lose all your data. If you are lucky, they will send you your data in a zip file.

If you can afford to pay the premium price – AWeber, unfortunately, charges even more than other software. If you are at the beginning

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